How do I set up my Bigpond Mail on Windows Live Mail?

This article tells BigPond email users, the detailed procedure on how to add a Bigpond email account to their Windows Live Mail program and the respective mail server names and the port numbers required during email account configuration.

Before you begin

You’ll need to keep your Bigpond email address and password handy.

If you have forgotten either of them, then you can click on forgot password/username hyperlink.

Points to Remember:

You may have to pay data charges due to the setup and usage activity of your Bigpond Mail account.

  1. To add your Bigpond email address to Windows Live Mail;
  2. Open Windows Live Mail
  3. Select the ‘Account’ toolbar, then select ‘Email’
  4. Add your Bigpond Mail email account details;
  • In ‘Email address’ and ‘Password’ enter your Bigpond email address and password
  • In ‘Display name’ enter the name you want to appear on the emails you send (usually your name)
  • Make sure have selected the option ‘Manually configure server settings’.
  • Then select ‘Next’.

5.Configure the server settings

Incoming server information:

Choose ‘IMAP’ from the drop-down, when you are asked to select the incoming mail server type.

  • For ‘Incoming server’ enter:
  • For ‘Port’ enter: 993
  • Make sure ‘This server requires a secure connection (SSL)’ is selected.
  • For ‘Log on using’ choose ‘Clear text authentication’ from the drop-down box
  • For ‘Log on ID’ enter your Bigpond email address

Outgoing server information:

  • For ‘Outgoing server’ enter:
  • For ‘Port’ enter: 465
  • Make sure ‘This server requires a secure connection (SSL)’ is crossed.
  • Make sure ‘My outgoing server requires authentication’ is ticked

6. Select ‘Next. Your email should now be set up.

7. Select ‘Finish’.

If you struggling with Setup the program you can dial Bigpond Email Support Number 1300-190-431 and get the proper resolution of your problem. Our Technical Experts always available 24*7*365 on Bigpond Email Contact Number.

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