How you recover your Bigpond Email Hacked Account with Bigpond Email Helpline Number.

Hacks are a common thing these days. As per a popular news channel report, around four years back, almost half of all Australian adults were direct victims of a data theft from corporate servers over a 12-month span.
Credit cards, telephone numbers, and login credentials fell into the hands of hackers who could use such information to access Email linked accounts.

And it is just one of the ways the hackers can access your private info. Private info which could personal correspondence or locks down trade secrets which you are trying to secure. The below mentioned four steps for email safety can save you from some of the most common and preventable hacks.
4 Essential Steps to Keep Your BigPond Email Safe

Your BigPond email account is a mine for hackers. Despite that most email users don’t take their account security seriously. Below are five basic steps for email account security:

a) Always use Two-Factor authentication (2FA)

Using 2FA is a simple but powerful security method, ensuring that even if someone has your password, they need additional details to get access to it. Those additional details could the answer to a security question or a fingerprint. Authentication methods such as SMS or email verification are comparatively less secure than others, that’s why email service provider like BigPond with 2FA shall be given preference. Many smaller firms don’t ones only provide 2FA via SMS. BigPond users have an option to use 2FA via a software token, where a unique code is delivered to the app installed on a second device. If you feel Your Bigpond email account is hacked then you can connect with our support team at Bigpond Email Password Recovery Number +61-1800-849-315 and secure your mail service.

b) Take password security seriously

Despite repeat instructions from BigPond to use strong and unique passwords, most users still use common passwords like 123456 or their date of birth. If you have such a habit, then BigPond recommends you using a password manager, which enables you to create different and strong password for your different online accounts, all at one place. (Make sure you use the encrypted backup feature). Your passwords shall contain at least 16 characters with a mixture of numbers, letters and punctuation. Use can fend off brute force attacks this way. Avoid writing down your passwords and never share them. Never use one password in another account.

c) Use encrypted email

Data breaches at corporate level affect millions. Hackers have had their way into the servers of some of the reputed companies worldwide. Where they got away with passwords, contact details and financial info. Using BigPond Email ensures that you are using an email service with E2EE encryption and zero access encryption, which provides you a total solution to this problem. Sometimes you faces login problem in your email service Just connect with Bigpond Email login Problem support Team.

BigPond Emails are stored on BigPond Email and have zero access encryption. A breakage at BigPond email servers won’t compromise your private communications. To summarise, BigPond Encryption can bring a considerable change to improve your communication security.

d) Protect yourself from phishing attacks

Phishing is a common tool hackers you to access your devices and accounts. You are lured into clicking a legitimate looking URL contained in an email which then downloads an attachment. Afterwards you enter your financial details, which are directly sent to the hacker.

In other words, whenever you are online always be aware of such suspicious email addresses. Never download or click anything you are not sure about. BigPond Email provides you with a special set of security aiming to prevent BigPond Email users from being a victim of Phishing Attacks.

To get any type of technical assistance regarding Bigpond Email you can connect with us at Our Bigpond Email Helpline Number  1800-849-315 . Our Expert technical team solve your technical issue no matter what type of problem you face in Bigpond Email service.