How BigPond Email Is More Secure than other email services with Bigpond Email Support?

BigPond Email is an encrypted email service that has a radical and different approach towards email security. Here’s a security comparison between both Gmail & BigPond eMail:

Few years back, BigPond Email became world’s first email service to provide data security via E2EE thereby making it popular among millions of users worldwide today. BigPond tech is often mistaken by tech writers, we aim to clear all the misconceptions about BigPond Email via this blog and explain in detail that what makes BigPond Email more secure.

Only you can read your emails

BigPond Email encryption means that other than you, no one can access your inbox. Even BigPond Email can’t do so. Our belief is that private communications should remain private.

Whereas Gmail haste ability and its does read your mails. If you are uncomfortable with this, then shift to BigPond Email to get data privacy that provides more security.

Your data belongs to you

When you sign up for Facebook or Google, you give them the access to your sensitive personal information, whether you like it or not. The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal brought to world’s knowledge that how unaware Facebook users about the possibility of their personal data being misused by both state sponsored and non-state sponsored actors, all just for a few thousand bucks.

Unless these companies fundamentally change their business models, they can read, analyze, and sell your data in any number of ways they want.

With BigPond Email you won’t have such problem. Just because of E2EE and Zero Access Encryption in use. Our encryption methods ensure that you the user have complete data ownership without any compromise.

We don’t have the ability to read it or sell it, even if we want to do so.

Improved security in the event of a data breach

BigPond Email uses Zero-Access Encryption, i.e. it is technically impossible for anyone even us to decrypt user messages. Zero-Access Encryption is applicable to all messages in your mailbox, even messages which those with a sourcenon-BigPond’s to non BigPond Email users.

As a result, we give you a stronger security in comparison to Gmail because even if BigPond Email server security is somehow breached, user messages remain secure because BigPond Email only stores encrypted messages. In other words, if a hacker steals emails from BigPond Email, he/she won’t be able to decrypt them, because even BigPond Email can’t do so.

The use of Zero-Access Encryption provides an additional strong layer of resiliency against data breaches that could be intentional or unintentional in nature.

No tracking and logging

Google keeps a record of every active user has done, which may include your IP address, your searches, emails you have accessed, websites you have visited and much more user activities that happen on other Google Services.

BigPond Email thinks otherwise and hence does not monitor or record user activity, not even their IP addresses.

Encryption for messages in transit

Moving ahead, along with the mail security that is not in transit, one also needs to take care of the security of emails in transit. Both BigPond Email and Gmail implement a policy of extra protection by using TLS encryption whenever possible while communicating with external email providers.

However, we at BigPond Email Help take this one step ahead by also supporting end-to-end encryption. In simple words, E2EE means that emails are encrypted at the source (before it even leaves the home), and can only be decrypted at the destination. This means that no third party even at the source can intercept the email between the source and destination like ISP or even BigPond Email as the mail server operator, can decrypt and view the message.

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