Why Can’t I Send or Receive Mails on Telstra Webmails?

Telstra Webmail is an Australian Internet service provider and it was founded in the year 1996 by Andy Penn, having its headquarters at Melbourne (Australia). This has been the largest ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Australia till date. Along with the Broadband services, Telstra also provide email services and landline phones. Email being a vital business communication medium these days, so the Telstra email services are required widely. For creating a Telstra email ID, the user needs to go to the Telstra webpage and click on the create account option and further follow the sign up process for creating a new email ID. Users can also provide a landline number from Telstra if the user accesses the Landline services from Telstra. When users use the email services from Telstra, at times they do face some Bigpond email sign in page issues while login into their Telstra email account. When user is working with the email ID, there may be some issues while working with Telstra email. As already discussed, emails are very important if the subscriber is using their email ID for professional use, so the records of emails are very important from this point of view. Suppose, if a subscriber finds any of their mail is missing or deleted accidently, then they can retrieve their email by following simple steps:-

  • The first thing that can stop the user in sending or receiving the mail is the TCP/IP connection. The user need to check the TCP/IP connection of the system that whether it is working or not. The internet connection is the primary requirement for sending or receiving mails.
  • After the above mentioned issue the issue that comes in front of the user is receiving mails as the mails at times directly goes to the junk or spam folder if the sender of the mail is listed as a suspicious mail sender. The user needs to check the junk or spam folder for these email which can help the user to find the mails.
  • The next issue comes is sending mails. This issue could be because some of the email service providers barred the email service provider used by the user. This is issue could be resolved by contacting the other email service provider and ask them for the resolution of this issue which could help the user in sending the mails to the other email service providers.
  • The user at times deletes the mails by mistake and for this the user can check the trash folder which holds the deleted mails for seven days. So, the user can retrieve the mail from that folder under the period of seven days. After seven days, the mail gets permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved. If the user tries to recover the mail after the seven days of deletion then it can’t be retrieved at all.
  • Users do get the solution of their simple issues by trying all the above mentioned methods and If the problem persists or the user gets any undiagnosed error then, the user can contact the customer support of Telstra webmail login page services for the resolution of the errors. Telstra teams always try to solve the different issues faced by the users while using the webmail and different services. Team work is always the best solution for any organization while facing the different challenges.