What you do when your Bigpond Email account is suspended?

There are some reasons behind why BigPond suspends your BigPond email account. But you need not worry, here in this blog, we will explain to you in detail, the procedure to reactivate it. If you can’t activate your BigPond account after the follows the guidelines given in the blog you can connect with Bigpond Email Helpline Number Australia 1800-849-315.

You’re no longer a BigPond Customer

  • When you Open your BigPond account, you see the pop-up we suspend your email address and we may delete your emails, post 30 days of your acct. closure.
  • Wish to keep your BigPond Email Address
  • When you are Open your account, you see the pop-up and need to inform Bigpond about your intention to keep your BigPond email address.
  • It is free for the first 12 months, post when you’ve ceased to be a BigPond customer. Later on, it is chargeable at 70 AUD per annum.
  • If you not using your email from 180 days

How to reactivate

Points to Remember

  • In case you’ve closed your email within last 6 months, you can reactivate it.
  • If 6 months closure date deadline has already passed, then, unfortunately, nothing can be done. We regret that we cannot do anything for you.

Here are some reasons to suspend your Bigpond Account

You are late on a bill payment

  1. You can pay online at BigPond 24*7 My Account
  2. To discuss your account call BigPond Email Recovery number.
  3. Your emails are not deleted, but you won’t be able to view them. New emails addressed to your BigPond email address will bounce back to the sender.
  4. How to reactivate Bigpond suspended account
  5. Clear your dues for BigPond Email services and it will be reactivated automatically within 24 hours.

Your email account is compromised

  • If your email address has been identified as a spam source, we will suspend it.
  • Before you reach BigPond Email customer service
  • Ensure that you update your antivirus and run a scan on each device that you use for your email.

sometimes you feel spammer was using your Bigpond Email account and Bigpond’s suggested was to suspend the email account for a few days and then switch it back on to see if that stopped the issue. After the few days user connect with Bigpond personnel and ask please re-activate the account, but Most of the help desk personnel claimed that the account did not appear to be suspended. Call us on our Bigpond Email Toll Free Number for email account reactivation.

Points to Remember

  1. Once your email account is reactivated, you need to change your password to avoid the account suspension again.
  2. Login to your BigPond 24*7 My Account
  3. Select the ‘Profiles and Preferences’ tab, then select ‘Personal Details’
  4. Select ‘Username and Password’ and then select ‘Edit’ and enter your new password.
  5. To keep your email acct. active, you need to log in, once every 180 days at least.

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