What you do if you are not receiving mails in your inbox after switching to the New BigPond Email Interface?

Not getting the emails in your inbox could be a lot frustrating. Below are the steps that will help you identify whether there’s an issue with your account or the sender’s account that is playing spoilsport.

Telstra operates BigPond email as a secondary email service to its premium Telstra email domain. It has its servers in Australia. Most of the BigPond email related issues can be quickly resolved by using the services of BigPond email support platform. In case of any difficulties with your BigPond email account, immediately contact the BigPond Email Support and see the issues get them resolved in no time.

  1. Check your account for any errors:

Login into your new email account and send a test mail to yourself.

If you get an error message:

  • Check your account settings for any misconfiguration.
  • These wrong settings could be the possible reason behind emails not landing in your inbox.
  • Check the “Spam” Folder for the mail destined for inbox, if you find them there, then remove the sender’s email address from the spam filter.
  • Check other folders, if the emails are lying in landing other folders, in such situations configure the respective filter accordingly.
  • Cross check with the sender, that whether they have typed in your email address correctly.
  • If all these troubleshooting feels to do the job, then reach out to your email service provider.

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