How to Sign Up For Bigpond Email?

Emails being the most important mode of professional as well as personal communication, people around the world are seeking for email services. There are thousands of email services around the globe. Bigpond is the Australia’s largest telecommunication services, and provide many services like landline services, broadband connection, email services, etc. It was founded in the year 1996 and has been the largest Internet service provider in Australia till date.

For signing up for Bigpond the user needs to follow few steps which are as follows:-

  • The user needs to go to the Bigpond webpage and click on the create account option.
  • After this, the user needs to go ahead with the filling up of the form provided there in which the user can provide the Bigpond landline number if they are a Bigpond landline subscriber too. This can be useful for the user for getting the updates like membership login messages, updates related to email services, password recovery method, etc.
  • The user needs to choose for a username which should be unique and should match with any of the existing user of Bigpond webmail services. And Bigpond server also provides some options for the username selection, after this the user needs to choose a strong password which should be a combination of alphabets, numerical, special characters.
  • And finally after the completion of the all above mentioned steps, the user can finally login using login credentials.

At times, user does come across some issues while signing up process, which are as follows:-

  • The first step is to check the internet connection; the internet is the prime requirement for logging into the BIGPOND email account.
  • The next troubleshooting option is checking the BIGPOND account login credentials. The user needs to open the browser and go to the BIGPOND email domain. After this, the user needs to sign in using their username and password. But, while typing the login credentials the user need to be very precise with the username and the password to avoid login issues.
  • Sometimes, the browser does offer some issues in the login process and this can be resolved by user. The user needs to open a browser and the click on the browsing history. After this, the user needs to clear the browsing history along with the cookies and the cache.
  • Some firewalls do create issues while logging into the BIGPOND account. For this issue, the user needs to disable all the firewalls which prohibit the Bigpond Email Supportservices.
  • Sometimes, repeated attempts to login into a account by the hackers or unwanted sources leads to the accounts being compromised and this makes the account to be locked.
  • The server details while logging into the BIGPOND account is very important and providing wrong server details leads to the issues with the sign in process of the Bigpond email login page.
  • Whenever the user is logging into the BIGPOND email account, the user needs to be aware of the server status too. If the server status is down, the user would not be able to sign in to the email account. Sometimes, the traffic in the network or the maintenance of the server leads to the server status down.
  • Users are provided with a customer support number for the further resolution of the issues.