How to setup Bigpond email in windows 10?

Bigpond (now known as Telstra) is an Australian Internet service provider. It was founded in the year 1996 and has been the largest Internet service provider in Australia till date. Along with the Broadband services, Bigpond also provides email services and landline phones. Email is a vital business communication medium these days, so the Bigpond email services are required widely. Email services from Bigpond have given their  Users the fastest access to their new ID, as the  Users can access their new email ID as soon as they complete the signup process.  Users want every one of their details very easily accessible to them and for that also, in this article, we are going to provide the  Users of Bigpond the detailed setting up process of Telstra mail in windows mail 10. For this, Users need their Bigpond webmail username and password. If the subscriber has forgotten the password of their Bigpond webmail, then this can be retrieved on the website by clicking on the forgot option and following the simple steps that has been mentioned in the password reset mail sent by the Bigpond webmail server to the subscriber’s recovery mail. After, resetting the new password, the subscriber to has to login again with their new username and password for the confirmation of the new password.

How to do BigPond Webmail Login with Bigpond Email Support Australia?

For setting up the Bigpond email account in Windows 10 device, the user needs to follow the following steps:-

  • First of all the user needs to check the availability of Outlook in the device and if it’s not available to get it installed.
  • Then, the user needs to press the windows key on the keyboard to have the access to startup tools.
  • After this, the user can click on the “ACCOUNTS” option, and click the “ADD ACCOUNT” option next.
  • In the “ADD ACCOUNT” option the user needs to sign in by giving the BigPond email login credentials that have created at the time of sign up process. If the user forgets the username or password, the user can retrieve the login credentials by following the password retrieval simplified method.
  • After sign in, the user needs to select the type of account and then click on “FINISH” option.
  • Then the user can finally get the complete access of their Bigpond webmail Account in their Windows 10 device.

How to Login Telstra Bigpond webmail account?Bigpond Email Login Page.

The user can follow the above-mentioned steps for setting up of Bigpond email account in Windows 10. If the user comes across any issue while the setup is going on, the user can contact Bigpond email login problem support where the expert technical executives are eager to help their users. The professionals are always ready to resolve their user’s issue and get in solved within 24 hours of the complaint registered.