How to Setup Bigpond Email in IOS device? Bigpond Email Login.

BigPond is an email service with backbone infra provided by Australia Telecom Giant Telstra. Email services have been an integral part for personal as well as professional lives nowadays. If we think about only professional lives, our all records, documents, conversations, etc everything is done through emails only. People have different lifestyles and want their official and personal conversations and emails, everything on their mobile phone.

These days, IOS versions of mobile are the most common mobiles available among the users. In this blog, details will be provided for setting up Bigpond email services in the IOS Devices. Help from this blog user can resolve the BigPond email login problem face in IOS devices. If you are also the one looking for the setup of BigPond email account on IOS device then you must consider this blog as your BigPond email login and BigPond email sign in the guide.

How to setup BigPond email on iPhone or iPad;

Before you start to do the setup

  • You need to know the name of your domain (e.g., email address (e.g. and email account password
  • Your iPhone/iPad needs to have a data plan with your telephone carrier (or, be connected via WiFi) and be able to access the internet – test this first by opening a web page.
  • If you are also checking this email account from another computer, that computer should be configured to “Leave emails on server”, otherwise your iPhone/iPad will only show emails that haven’t yet been downloaded by your other computer.

Once you have logged in to your BigPond email account via ( Bigpond Email Login page using a web browser, click on your account name at the top right corner.

  1. If you don’t have BigPond account, create the account;
  • Go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords
  • Under Accounts, tap “Add Account”
  • Tap “Other” then “Add Mail Account”

2. Enter New Account information:

  • Name: Your name as you want it to appear when anyone receives an email from you
  • Address: Enter your full email address
  • Password: Enter your email account password
  • Description: Enter a descriptive name for this account, such as your email address

3. Tap “Next”

4. Next, for the server type, tap “IMAP”

5. Enter Incoming Mail Server details.

6. Enter Outgoing Mail Server details

In the mail settings, tap back into the account you just created, scroll down to the Outgoing Mail Server section, and tap “SMTP”

Select the hostname you previously entered, and:

  • Set it to “On”
  • Hostname: mail**your domain**
  • Username: Your email address. Please Note this is NOT optional
  • Password: Your password. Please Note this is NOT optional
  • Set Use SSL to “on” (if it isn’t already)
  • Authentication should say “Password”
  • Set the Server Port to 465 (instead of 25)
  • Tap “Done”

These are the basic steps that you can use to login in your ios device. Now you can simply login in your BigPond email account using your email id and password. If you live in Australia, and you need any kind of BigPond email login help for ios devices to visit the webpage or call 1800-849-315.