How to set up Telstra Bigpond Email on Outlook 2007?

Bigpond is one of the email service providers used across Australia and worldwide. Telstra Bigpond provides the complete package of features that make the work easy. If you are one of the existing Bigpond users who are looking to set up his/her Bigpond email account on Outlook 2007, in this blog we describe through some simple steps “How to set up Telstra Bigpond Email on Outlook 2007”. Read the blog and follow these given steps in the below and set up your Bigpond Email account on Outlook 2007.

Of course, only if you know the right way. People from Bigpond Email Help Australia surely do! They’ve decided to share their knowledge with you. So, here are the step-by-step instructions on how to set up Telstra Mail on Outlook 2007! If you need help regarding BigPond Webmail contact Bigpond Email support Number.

Setup of Telstra Bigpond Email on Outlook 2007
             Before you Begin

  • Keep your BigPond Email address and password handy.
  • If you have forgotten password, then use forgot password link on the login page.

The setup and use of your BigPond email account may cost you data charges.

To add your BigPond email address to Outlook 2007:

Step-1 Open Microsoft Outlook 2007

  • If the Microsoft Outlook 2007 wizard appears:
  • Select Next
  • In the Email Accounts window select Yes
  • Select next then go to Step 5
  • If the Microsoft Outlook 2007 wizard does NOT appear to go to Step2.

Step-2 Open the ‘Tools’ menu then select Account Settings

Step-3 In the ‘Email Accounts’ window, select the Email tab, then select New

Step-4 In the ‘Auto Account Setup’ window:

  • Make sure you configure server settings manually or additional server types are selected
  • Select Next

Step-5 In the ‘Choose Email Service’ window:

  • Make sure Internet E-Mail is ticked
  • Select Next

Step-6 In the ‘Internet E-Mail Settings’ window:

  • For ‘Your name’ enter the name which you want to be displayed in the emails you send
  • For ‘E-mail address’ enter your BigPond email address

Step-7 Update the server information:

  • For ‘Account type’ select: IMAP
  • For ‘Incoming mail server’ enter:
  • For ‘Outgoing mail server (SMTP)’ enter:

Step-8 Update the login information:

  • For ‘Username’ enter your BigPond email address
  • For ‘Password’ enter your BigPond email account password. OR if you’re using two-
  • step verification enter your app password
  • Remember either password is case sensitive
  • Make sure Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) is NOT selected.

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