How To Retrieve Lost And Missing Mails in Bigpond Email Services?

Bigpond is an Australian Internet service provider. It was founded in the year 1996 and has been the largest Internet service provider in Australia till date. Along with the Broadband services, Bigpond also provide email services and landline phones. Email being a vital business communication medium these days, so the Bigpond email services are required widely. Bigpond email login problem related services have been the widely used service among all the other services of Bigpond. Email has been an integral part as it now a days, is governing the major part of our professional lives and we are seeking this desperately. But if a technology is being used for a while then what we realize is some issues and errors that also becomes a part of it. These issues and errors which is a hurdle to our smooth working needs to be resolved quickly and the users seek some troubleshooting operations which is important to be performed for the resolution of such issues and errors. The few troubleshooting methods which help in the resolution of the login error are check on login credentials, firewalls of the system, the browser history and the cache memory issue, etc.  As we have already discussed about the importance of the mails in our lives, so if there is any mail missing out in the inbox can create a panic situation for the user and user wants to retrieve the mail at the earliest, for this issues here below are mentioned few troubleshooting methods which could help the user for the resolution:-

  • If the user is unable to find a particular email from an email id in their inbox, then they can check that in the junk folder or the spam folder of the email account. This could be because of the suspicious list of the email service provider used by the user. The user needs to check the spam or junk folder because some suspicious email ID is blocked by the email account from delivering their mail into the inbox. This could be resolved if the user contact the customer service and ask them for the resolution of this issue. The user can ask the customer care executive for the removal of a particular email id from the list of their spam email IDs, so that they can get the mails directly into their inbox.
  • Sometimes, the mails gets deleted accidently or by mistake by the user. So, this issue has a solution that the user can check the deleted mails into the trash folder. The trash folder of the email accounts holds all the deleted mails for the period of seven days and can be retrieved back into the inbox from there only. But after the period of seven days the email cannot be retrieved as the mails gets permanently deleted. The mails can get deleted before the period of seven days if and only the user empties the trash intentionally.

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