How to recover deleted Emails with Bigpond Email Helpline Number?

Bigpond is counted best email service provider among top five email service providers in the Australian Continent. It operates under the cloud of Telstra telecommunication services. There are numerous problems and issues faced by Bigpond users frequently and makes the client’s life irritating. one of the problems is like client’s emails is automatically deleted after 120 days. If you want to retrieve a mail that you have accidentally deleted in the past 120 days.

Recovering deleted emails requires different tools from those needed to recover deleted files. Individual emails are not stored as separate files by most email programs. Usually, an entire mail folder such as your Inbox is one single file. So unless you have lost an entire folder, normal undelete software will not be much help to you. You need special email recovery software to help you recover deleted email.

You can recover it by following the steps in this article.

Points to remember:

  • Deleted emails are stored in your BigPond Trash folder for 7 days, post deletion.
  • If you can find it there, then you can retrieve it. Here’s how:

To retrieve a deleted mail:

  • Login into your BigPond Email account.
  • Select Trash
  • Tick the checkbox next to the mail you want to retrieve
  • Select more.
  • Select Move to
  • Select inbox.

Can I recover an email that’s been deleted from my trash folder?

No. Deleted emails are permanently removed from the trash after seven days or in case you have manually deleted them from the Trash folder.

Either way, once an email is removed from Trash folder, you can’t retrieve it. So, be cautious about the emails you delete.

As every tech has its pros and cons, so Bigpond is no exception to it. When in such a situation just give a call at BigPond Email Helpline Number 1800-849-315. We are operational without any holidays.