How to block spammers or Junk email and contact in bigpond email?

Bigpond is an email service provider that has its servers in Australia and owned by Telstra communications, Australian Telecom Conglomerate. Bigpond Email Service is very popular now a day in Australia because it is easy to use.

If you find that you receive too much SPAM emails in your BigPond email and you want to block or stop the junk mails. If some of the emails are from the same sender, you can also ‘block’ that sender. You can their email address by following the below steps. It will also tell you the procedure to unblock a sender.

To block spam mail or contact in Bigpond webmail

  • First step login in BigPond mail with existing user id and password
  • Go to the setting at top right
  • Select mail on the left hand Menu
  • Select blocked senders on the submenu
  • Type the email address you want to block in the pop-up screen
  • Select Add

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Points to Remember:

To remove the blocked contact from your address book, select the box next to their email address and then select Delete.

How to unblock a contact

  • Sign in to BigPond Webmail
  • Select settings at the top right
  • Select mail on the left hand menu
  • Select blocked senders on the sub menu
  • Select the email you want to unblock
  • Select delete

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How to block a sender in your inbox

  • In your inbox, select the box next to the email from the sender you wish to block
  • Select the more menu
  • Select block sender

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