How do I set up my Bigpond Mail on Windows Vista Mail?

This blog explains to you the procedure to add a BigPond Email account to your Windows Vista Mail program and tells you the mail server names and port numbers needed for the configuration.

Before we begin

Keep your Bigpond email address & login credentials handy.

Important facts

The configuration procedure may cost you data charges.

To add your BigPond email address:

1.Open Windows Vista Mail

2.Select the “Account” in the tools menu, select ‘Add’, followed by selecting   ‘Email Account’

3.Add your login credentials for Bigpond email acct:

a.           In the section ‘Display name’ enter the name you want to be displayed on the emails you send, followed by selecting ‘Next’

b.         In ‘Email address’ enter your Bigpond email address, followed by selecting ‘Next’.

4. Enter the server settings.

5. Incoming server information:

a.     For ‘My incoming mail server is a’  choose ‘IMAP’ from the drop-down box.

b.     For ‘Incoming server’ enter:

6. Outgoing server information:

a.     For ‘Outgoing server’ enter:

b.     Make sure ‘Outgoing server requires authentication’ is checked.

c.     Then select ‘Next’

7. In ‘Mail Logon’

a.    Enter your BigPond email address and login credentials and click ‘Next’

Select ‘Finish’.

8. You will then be back to the ‘Internet Accounts’ page.

  1. i)   Your email address will now displayed
  2. ii)  Click on ‘properties’
  3. ii)  Go to the ‘Advanced’ tab
  4. iv) Enter your server port numbers

Outgoing mail 465

Incoming mail 993

  1. v) Select ‘This server requires a secure connection (SSL)’ under BOTH outgoing and incoming mail.  Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK’
  2. vi) Your email set up is now complete.

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